About Ologix

Ologix brings the people & technology that smaller business need to make their hybrid office a reality.

Strong roots

Ologix is the SAAS brand of B2B2C.ca, a Canadian technology leader in B2B and B2C telecommunications services.

New skies

Ologix's focus is on helping smaller organizations leverage hybrid office tech to grow their business and do it without the need for high-cost technical staff or subcontractors.

Business customers served
B2B2C was founded in '95
Amazing team members
Telephone systems migrated

How Ologix started

The simple answer is that our B2B2C customers asked for it. When the 2020 pandemic sent every one of our customers to work from home, the Internet services we provide saved our businesses. After, having tasted the hybrid office model, they asked us for a unified-office service; one where all their communications, shared data, desktop and mobile apps would work together, seamlessly. We merged our VoIP Business telephone services with Microsoft Office and Ologix was born.

Our values

Give them complet freedom...to grow!

Make it easy for the users

Introducing changes in the way staff members work can be very difficult. Our tools should be tech they already know how to use and include individual onboarding to accelerate adoption.


We believe that smaller organizations need tools that just work, but also ones that, with help, they can manage.


Our clients will look beyond unified communications as they explore the capabilities of the hybrid office and we will be there to provide the new tools they need.

Do the basics right

Our engineering, support and product management teams have reliability and resiliency as their #1 priority.

Are you ready?

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