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You can give your team all the same package or mix and match to their reel needs and save.

You can give every-one a full Unified Office account or save by picking from our other plans based on their individual needs. To do so, use the illustration below. With it you can identify in which family of plans you can provide them access to the shared resources they actually will use.

Look then into our Product menu for each of these families to add to your cart the number of service accounts you need.
You can find all the types of service plans you need to implement your modern office grouped into four use cases on our Pricing page, but don't let that limit you. You can combine packages from any of them into ONE cohesive office suite. One where all can share and collaborate.

Get the Microsoft pricing you want with the skilled support you need

Each of our service packages comes with user-per-user Onboarding and SysAdmin support. No need for a separate support plan.

Click on a package's View details button to see the Microsoft licence and support components that make up its pricing.

Our Microsoft licences are always at the best prices available
Turnkey migration and onboarding of each user is part of the plan
Keep to your per capita budget with user-based SysAdmin support
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Microsoft 365 Headsets, Webcams and Desktop phones

Have your team make the best impression on videoconferences and phone calls. Upgrade their audio and video equipment to complete your modern office. Add to your order the missing accessories from our Teams certified equipment catalog.
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Complete your team's modern office with accessories from our equipement catalog
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