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Get everyone on board with turnkey user-by-user migration to Microsoft 365

Easing the transition to any new technology is key to its adoption.

Start on the right foot

So, you'd like to get each member of your team feeling good about migrating to Microsoft 365? We've got you covered.  

All our service bundles includes user-per-user migration and setup.

With it, we take on the heavy lifting for you.  And when all are settled-in, you're ready to go!

Google Workspace
Using cell phone
Microsoft SBS
Cisco phone extension
2 phone queues

Let us do it

We will contact and work with each of your team member individually.

Migrating or new

Onboarding is not only for your current team, but also for new recruits you bring on, simplifying new employee integration.

Migrate from Google Workspace, Microsoft SBS, Mittel or Panasonic, no problem

No one is exactly alike. Isn't that the truth?  Our onboarding team has seen a lot and can take each member of your team from what they now use to their new Microsoft 365 account. During onboarding, we will move or convert their emails, file storage and, if applicable, phone service.  

Here are some examples of the environments we can migrate from.

Email services

Microsoft 365
MS Exchange

Business apps

Google Workspace
Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS)
Microsoft Office
Skype for business

Telephone systems

Microsoft 365 Phone System
Asterix VoIP hosted and local systems

Migrate your team to a Unified Communication system with ease

For the team members you have selected a 365 with Voice package, onboarding will also take care of migrating their telephone number, internal extension, call queues and voice mail to your new TEAMS based system.

Learn more about the benefits of Moving your phone system with Ologix from these articles from our blog.

Move your phone system to Microsoft 365

What about onboarding your system administrator?

Our onboarding project lead will coordinate with your assigned system administrator. Together, they will start by establishing the shared system parameters.  This includes starting user rights, shared call queues and auto-attendant behavior.

When all users are onboarded, their collaboration will end with a full configuration review and a 3-way hand-off session with our Ologix SysAdmin Support team, the later taking over on-going support.

Learn about Ologix SysAdmin support

Can you take care of this during onboarding?

There are limits to everything. If you're unsure if your use case exceeds what our onboarding can take care of?  Don't hesitate.  

Call on one of our designers at any time to assiste you.

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