Ologix System Administrator Support

Pilot your Microsoft 365 with ongoing support from Microsoft certified system administrators

You've got this

So, you'd like to manager your Microsoft 365 yourself, but you want to be able to get help if you need it. Great! It's included.

All our service bundles include Ologix SysAdmin Support for each service.  With it, you gain access to our qualified team of technicians. They're not a user support team, but support for you, the system administrator.

During onboarding, you or one of your team members will be assigned the Global Administrator role in your Microsoft 365 account.  At the same time a free user account with the same Global Administrator role will be created for our Sysadmin Support team.  

Paired like this with a qualified and enabled support team, you can administer your Microsoft 365 account in confidence.

The Microsoft 365 administrator panel has most of the tools you need to reconfigure your 365 yourself. When it is not sufficient to do the job, you can call on your Sysadmin support team help you do it or to do it for you.  

They can add new users or remove unneeded ones. They can upgrade or downgrade service bundles and launch full team onboarding processes if needed.

In our interconnected world, threats to our information systems and user error abound.  With Ologix Sysadmin support, you can feel confident you have activated the right features to keep your Microsoft 365 up to date so it can always defend itself and your team members.  

You can also count on your Sysadmin support team to work for you should you have to handle user or system issues.

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