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Should you move to Microsoft 365 yourself?

What should you ask myself before moving our services to Microsoft 365 by myself?

Your company is making the shift to a hybrid work model. Your team needs tools to work from home, on the road or in the office, and you're thinking about moving your services to Microsoft 365 yourself. Before you take the steps to migrate, what questions you should ask yourself in order to choose the best plan for your situation.

Do I have enough time to move to Microsoft 365 myself?  

The most important thing to consider is how much time you have before you begin the migration. You can manually convert the accounts of each of your users to their corresponding Microsoft 365 service. However, this should only be the approach if your team is relatively small, as it requires a significant time investment.  

If you do do it on your own, you can use semi-automated migration apps available online. If your team members don't have complicated setups, these apps will make your work much easier and faster.  

Do I have the skills to guide my team to Microsoft 365?

Do you have the training, experience and tools to get your transfers right the first time? If you don't and are hesitant to invest the time required in training, you shouldn't migrate your company yourself. You would be risking running into pitfalls that could derail your project.  

In this situation, the safe choice is to select a company that will be able to migrate your team for you. Yes, there will be a cost, but in exchange, your team will be able to adopt the new Microsoft 365 tools more quickly and remaining productive.    

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Do I have to go through an integrator to replace my phone system with Microsoft Teams?

Unifying your communications on Teams gives your team a big productivity boost.  All companies will eventualy unify their communications, but to do it right you need to be prepared.  

If your business is just starting out and the phone system you need doesn't have queues, shared message boxes or complex business hours, the tools offered by Microsoft may be all you need.  However, replicating an existing system on Teams, even if it is simple, is still complex. Therefore, we cannot recommend migrating an existing system on your own.  

If your current system serves more than one site or includes call center functions, then the question does not even arise. It will be to your advantage to find a Microsoft Teams phone system certified integrator.  

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Finally, with your migration, you'll probably need to replace your desk and conference room phones with certified Teams compatible units.  

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