Move your phone system to Microsoft 365

It's a simpler world then, and we can get you there

Teams is great, but with a telephone system, it's better!

You know it.  It is a simpler world when your calls are made in the same application you use to communicate and collaborate with your teammates and clients. Get rid of your old school phone system and unify your communications on Teams and you can bring this level of simplicity to your business.

Selecting telephone enabled bundles for your team members adds the migration of their telephone extensions and direct lines to your Microsoft 365 account.

Hybrid office, teleworking and mobile workplace as one

The world is changing fast.  That’s true.  Even if your business still needs to take and place phone calls, why should they be dealt with differently in the office, on the road or when working from home?

The simplest way to remove barriers in your tele-working policy is to use one application for all uses and settings.  This way, anyone can take a call from the office on Monday, reach out to a client from the airport on Wednesday and speak with a supplier from home on Friday, all with the same Teams application they use to chat and collaborate all week.

Simplify and eliminate expenses

Traditional business telephone systems are expensive to maintain and represent another system to understand, secure and manage.

Getting rid of it may pay for the conversion to Microsoft 365 or even provide additional savings.  A simpler, unified, communications system can make Finance your biggest backer.

Ologix has the experience

Telephone systems and phone service migrations can be a challenge for the unexperienced. Portability, call queue configuration and operating schedules are but a few of the complexities it comes with.

Ologix has the experience of hundreds of phone system implementations. You can feel comfortable we will make it as smooth as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have more questions?  Here are answers to some that are often asked about the Microsoft 365 Telephone System and Ologix Voice bundles.

Can you have multiple call queues and auto-attendants?

One of each is included, but yes, for an additional fee. You can set it up during onboarding or talk it over with one of our designers. Book an assisted design session.

Do I need a desk phone to place or receive calls?

No. You can use the Microsoft Teams application on a computer, tablet or smart phone without a desk phone.

What's the difference between Voice and Voice Plus?

Voice plus bundles make it possible to use your existing non-Teams certified VoIP desk phones, while Voice is only compatible with Teams certified ones. See Teams certified desk phones we offer in our catalog, under Desk phones.

Can we recreate our call queues and program an auto-attendant?

Yes, and you can provide your own professional voice and music or use system generate ones.

Can we keep our telephone numbers, including toll-free numbers?

Yes, you can. We take care of porting your telephone numbers and long-distance service. If you want, we can also transfer your toll-free numbers also.

What are all the other features of the Microsoft phone System?

Can the desk phones be connected only by WiFi?

Yes. Teams certified desk phones can with an accessory. Look in our catalog, under Phone accessories.

How will my team get their voicemail?

They can view a list of them in Teams and from there listen, forward or delete them.

Can we keep your existing phone system and still have Teams phone service?

Yes, by selecting Voice Bridge bundles instead of Voice or Voice Plus. Learn more about Bridge bundles.

How does one use Teams to place or take calls on a smartphone?

Place a call from the Teams app and when a call comes-in the same app will act as the basic phone app would and show you the caller information and ask if you want to take the call.

Can you have simultaneous ringing?

Yes, you can on all your open Teams applications and connected desk phones.

How many calls can we take or make simultaneously?

As many as you have Voice and Voice Plus bundles are included. For additional capacity-based fee, you can add more. Book an assisted design call to add this to your order.

Are you ready?

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