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The 1st Video Phone Certified by Microsoft Teams for Executive Desk and Huddle Rooms

The Yealink VP59 Teams edition video phone is designed as an executive desk phone and also can be used in huddle spaces. It is this page that shows the VP59 solution for personal desk. By adding on a USB camera (Yealink UVC30 camera) and a wireless microphone (Yealink CPW90-BT-Single), you can enjoy Teams video collaboration easily in huddle spaces.

All-in-One for Teams Meetings

The VP59 video phone integrates voice and video solutions for personal desks. The 8-inch multi-point touch screen and the native Teams interface provide a rich visual presentation and easy menu navigation, which helps reduce the learning curve. Users can start and answer phone calls simply, quickly join and control Teams meetings, and enjoy Teams collaboration at ease with the VP59.

HD Audio and More Functionality

The Yealink Optima HD Voice and Yealink Noise Proof technologies deliver a marvelous audio clarity. Users can work and talk freely without noise or other disturbances. The built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual band Wi-Fi support a Bluetooth wireless headset and wireless microphone for a longer voice pickup distance, bringing great functionality for personal workstations. With the VP59, users can talk hands-free or enjoy more wireless desk-working experience.

Easy Teams Collaboration for Huddle Spaces

The Yealink VP59 Teams edition video phone can be used in huddle rooms together with a USB camera (Yealink UVC30 camera) and wireless microphone (Yealink CPW90-BT-Single).The 8-inch touch screen and the native Teams user interface provide a rich visual presentation and easy menu navigation. The UVC30 USB camera featuring a 120° field of view, the CPW90 microphone with a wireless voice pickup range of 3 meters, as well as the built-in Bluetooth 4.2 and dual band Wi-Fi allow attendees to enjoy Teams meetings flexibly with the broad view and long-range voice pickup of the VP59 room solution for huddle spaces.

Cost-Effective Huddle Room SolutionWith Tidy Deployment

Deploying the simple devices of the VP59 huddle room solution only takes four steps, including connecting the power and network though PoE adapter, HDMI display, USB camera, and wireless microphone. All cable connections and devices can be easy to setup, keeping your table tidy and clean.Moreover, the VP59 huddle room solution is a powerful, flexible, and yet affordable solution, which will put you on the fast track to better Teams video room collaboration.

VP59 Teams Video Phone Features

  • Android 9.0 OS
  • 8'' capacitive adjustable touch screen
  • Native Microsoft Teams user interface
  • Optimal HD audio, Yealink Noise Proof Technology
  • Support expansion with Yealink Wireless Mic CPW90 (Optional)
  • 2 mega-pixel HD camera with privacy shutter
  • Support extending USB camera-Yealink UVC30 Room (Optional)
  • Built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
  • Dual USB ports, support USB headsets and extending camera
  • HDMI port for connection to monitor or TV
  • Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, PoE support
  • Supports Expansion Module EXP50(optional)
  • Supports Office 365, and upgradability of device applications to Teams or SFB
  • Supports Microsoft/Yealink/Unify Square Device Management Platform

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Microsoft 365

Yealink VP59 Microsoft Teams edition

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Yealink VP59 Microsoft TEAMS editon
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