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Should we replace our phone system with Microsoft Teams?

What should you ask yourself before moving from a business phone system to Microsoft Teams?

Should we use Microsoft Teams as our phone system?  

The hybrid work remote model has become a new standard in recent years and the workplace is now mobile and flexible. It is therefore essential to simplify communication between colleagues and customers. Here are answers to some of the most common questions about moving to a Microsoft Teams phone system:  

What is the difference between a Microsoft 365 Phone and non-Phone licences?  

Enabling the phone system feature on your Microsoft 365 account will result in two additional fees for each user you assign an extension to: an extension and an external line fee. Adding a phone extension allows the user to receive and place calls from Teams or a Teams certified office phone extension to another phone extension in your account.  The ability to place and receive calls from outside the company adds the second fee.  

How much does it cost to add a phone system to Microsoft Teams?

When considering that you will be eliminating the costs associated with operating a separate phone system, moving to Teams can even save your company money.  You can estimate adding between $25 and $30 per month per phone extension, but for a net cost estimate, we encourage you to use our online calculator.  

Online calculator to migrate your phone system to Microsoft Teams  

Do I need a desk phone to make or receive calls?  

No. You can use the Microsoft Teams app on a computer, tablet or smartphone without a desk phone. Certified desk phones and conference room systems do exist but are not required.

Microsoft Teams Certified Desktop Phones Catalog

Can we keep our current phone system and still place phone calls on Teams?  

Yes, in some cases.  If your system supports it, a bridge with your existing system can be set up between it and a new system on Teams. From then on, the two systems can communicate with each other.  

This option is more complex to set up and delivers little or no savings.  If possible, the best approach is to replace this old system with Teams.  

Can desktop phones be connected only by Wi-Fi?

Yes. Many Teams certified desktop phone models may have the capability natively or be equipped with an accessory.  

Microsoft Teams Certified Desktop Phones Catalog  

Can we keep our phone numbers, including toll-free numbers on Teams?

Yes, you can. If you do business with us, we take care of your phone number portability and long-distance service. If you wish, we can also transfer your toll-free numbers.  

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How do I use Teams to make or take calls on a cell phone?

When making an incoming call from the Teams app, the same app will act as the basic phone app would and show you the caller's information and ask you if you want to take the call.  

How many calls can we take or make simultaneously on 365 Teams?

This will differ depending on what is in the Line portion of your plan. In the case of our Ologix offers, the number of calls is unlimited.  

How will my team get their voicemail from Teams?  

They can view a list from the Teams app or from their Teams certified desktop phone screen.  From there, they can listen to them, forward them or delete them.  

Can we recreate on Teams call queues and set up automatic auto attendants?  

Yes, and you can provide your own professional voice and music or use system generated ones.  

Can we have multiple call queues and auto attendants on Microsoft 365?

One of each is included, but yes, for an additional fee, you can. Should you subscribe to our services, you can configure this during onboarding or discuss it with one of our designers before placing your order.  

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Can we have simultaneous ringing on a Teams Phone system?

Yes, you can do this on all your open Teams apps and connected desktop phones. Your team members can answer their calls from anywhere.  

What are the other features of the Microsoft Phone System?

There are many.  Talk to one of our designers or visit our Microsoft 365 plans page for more information.

Make a free, no obligation appointment with one of our system designers to learn more  or  Visit our Microsoft Office Licences page for more details.


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