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Teams Voice
Business telephone number
Microsoft Teams voice extension

Activate a distinct telephone extension on your Teams based phone system for teammates that only need to take and place calls. For them, it will be as easy as installing Teams on their smartphone or accessing it from a browser. This plan is also perfect to support a device located in a collaboration room or common area.

Business telephone number
Office Applications
  • Desktop (PC & MAC) : Teams
  • Android & IOS mobile apps : Teams
  • Web-based version : Teams

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Cloud services
  • Teams communication and collaboration, but no cloud data storage or other applications

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Telephone service
  • One telephone extension on your Teams-based telephone system (PBX)
  • Receive and place calls from a PC or Mac on your Teams application
  • Seamlessly use Android and IOS Teams apps to place and take calls from your smartphone
  • Link your Teams account to any compatible desk phone or common area device
  • Join calling queues defined on your Teams telephone system
  • Assign a external telephone number (DID) to your extension
  • Configure your own voice mail box and manages messages from your Teams application
  • And many more...

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Turnkey Onboarding

All our service bundles includes user-per-user migration and setup.

With it, we take on the heavy lifting for you.  And when all are settled-in, you're ready to go!

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SysAdmin Support

All our service bundles include Ologix System Administrator support for each service.  With it, you gain access to our qualified team of technicians. They're there for you, so you can feel confident as the system administrator.

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Microsoft Teams voice extension

Teams Voice (A)
Ologix UC SysAdmin Support (A)
Microsoft Teams voice extension (a)
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